Paul Raschid - writer/director

Having grown up around filmmaking under the guidance of his producer father Neville, Paul went on to complete a BA in English Literature with Film Studies at King's College London in 2014. Paul and Neville now helm UK independent film production company, Aviary Films.

In 2015, Paul's first produced screenplay was teen supernatural thriller; 'Unhallowed Ground'. It received awards at the London Independent Film Festival and the British Independent Film Festival.

Paul made his directorial debut with supernatural-psychological horror; 'Winterstoke House' (which he also wrote and acted in).

Paul's second feature as a writer-director was 'White Chamber'; which was shot in 12.5 days. In 2018, the sci-fi thriller/horror/drama played 10 film festivals around the world including Edinburgh, Sitges, Frightfest, Mumbai, BIFAN and Brussels. Lead actress Shauna Macdonald received the BAFTA Scotland Best Actress award for her tour-de-force performance. In August 2019, the film became available to stream on Netflix in the UK, USA, Canada, Israel, Australia and New Zealand.

Paul is currently in post-production on 'The Complex'; a sci-fi interactive feature film/ FMV video game. Penned by Lynn Renee Maxcy, it stars Michelle Mylett, Kate Dickie and Al Weaver. It is set for release in 2020.

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